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Please contact me personally if you wish to arrange a healing appointment. Thank you. 


Dates For 2019 IET Workshops:

January 2nd- Conscious Kindness ionline workshop ( Just 20 euro)

January 11th Angel Card Readings and Healing In Malahide - ( Readings Reduced to 30 euro today) 

January 15th Angel Card Readings and Healing In Wicklow- ( Readings Reduced to 30 euro today) 

January 21st Angel Card Readings and Healing In Finglas- ( Readings Reduced to 30 euro today) 

Janury 22nd-Angel Card Readings and Healing online  ( Readings Reduced to 30 euro today) 

January 19th and 20th Unified- Healing Angels and Basic IET in Wicklow

January 26th - How To Teach-  Master Instructor Only -Limerick

January 27th- Angelic Reunion- Master Instructor Only- Limerick

Steps To Transformation- February -online- TBC

February 16th and 17th- Unified- Healing Angels and Basic IET- Dublin

March 9th and 10th - Intermediate and Advanced IET- Wicklow

 March 23rd and 24th- Intermediate and Advanced- Dublin

March 30th and 31st- Master Instructor Training- Limerick

April 13th and 14th- Master Instructor Training -Limerick

April 27th and 28th- Higher Steps to Transformation-  TBC

May 25th and 26th- Master Instructor Training- Cork

June 8th and 9th- Angelic reunion for all IET students and Master Instructors- Limerick


Conscious Kindness:

A Beautiful Workshop to enjoy on January 2nd 2019 online .
Kindness Makes You Happy and Happiness Makes You Kind:
This workshop is offered with the intention of offering you something meaningful, helpful and great for your wellbeing, it will help start 2109 on a high note. 
Simply pay on line using the link provided and I will send you the video /workshop by mail or Private Message on January 2nd
Cost 20 euro

7 reasons why kindness matters
Research shows that repeated acts of kindness:
1. Makes you happier.
2. Improves your immune system and health.
3. Lowers the rate of depression .
4. Makes you feel more creative.
5. Causes employees to want to work harder for employers.
6. Increases the endogenous opioids in the brain, giving us a natural high.
7. Create the feeling of “emotional warmth,” producing the hormone oxytocin which in turn helps reduce blood pressure and protects the heart.

Kindness matters more than we think. One day our very lives may depend on it.
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou.

One to one healing sessions may be booked by contacting me with your request. I offer face to face in Cork, Wicklow and Dublin and I also offer on line distant healing which is very effective. 




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