Soft and Strong Empowerment for Women


Water is fluid, soft and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.Lao-Tzu

Chinese philosopher (604 BC - 531 BC)


The Soft and Strong program is specifically designed and tailored to helping women feel their inner strength and beauty and to become the best they can be.  Before we can see beauty outside of ourselves we must be able to see it within. This program has the capacity to  help many people understand themselves fully and to develop the necessary self-esteem, self-love  and confidence that will allow them to become fluid and happy, bridging the gap between where they are now and where they would ideally like to be. Life is a rich gift that’s offered to each and every one of us and with the correct attitude, intent and outward projection we can become powerful creators continuously.

Sometimes the life with the most challenges and obstacles are those in which we can make the most progress. To look for the lesson in the challenge allows us to discern the purpose in the event. When we understand the lesson we can then choose to let go of the pain and suffering. This program is designed to assist people in moving from a life of suffering and pain to a life enriched with meaning and ultimately fulfilment. For any change to be sustainable a process needs to be followed, and this programme offers some strategic pillars to allow the challenges to be faced and the individual to excel as a result.

Therese is a very passionate inspirational leader with a huge calling to help women becomes spiritually and personally empowered.  She stands for healing, compassion, health, love, kindness, empathy, beauty and many similar expressions that are associated with high vibrational energy.

Therese has been fuelled by life to develop a way to help others, especially women, to think and feel constructively. She has a clear understanding of the fact that our thoughts create our reality so therefore we need to have a life that supports us in being able to thinking good thoughts.  Every thought you have will either weaken or strengthen you so it’s very obviously a good idea to focus on the thoughts that will enrich your life and eliminate or at least work on reducing those thoughts that cause you to become weak and feel the knock-on effect of pain and stress. Thoughts that create resistance to a life of meaning are the thoughts that we need to become aware of, such as: I’m unable, I’m too old, I’m unworthy, I’m not smart enough, I couldn’t , I’m not smart enough and so on. What we put out into the world has a great effect on what comes back to us.

“Today is the day that I choose to shine my light” Therese Mc Auliffe


 “I plan to make the rest of my life, the best of my life”.  Louise L. Hay.




Set your own pace in life:

Do what is right for you at all times and you will feel the inner peace and serenity rising up within you. It's important that you set your own pace in life and not get caught up in the drama of others. Some people like huge, dramatic changes and others like to change in a slow and steady way. Ask yourself :" What's right for me" and follow that inner guidance. 

What do I want?

All too often we get caught up in giving into the needs and demands of others which lowers our self-esteem and often leads to resentment.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself: 

When was the last time I really stood up for myself in a Soft and Strong way?
Do I feel energised or drained on a regular basis?

Perhaps the answer is favorable but perhaps it may have been some time ago!

When we fail to honor own values and self-worth, by placing the needs and demands of others before our own, we compromise our self confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and ultimately our happiness. We run the risk of holding others responsible for our emotional turmoil and our life. It's time to start living your life by using the Soft and Strong formula which encourages you to " Live your life in alignment with the softness of your compassionate, merciful and forgiving heart combined with the powerfully strong passionate guidance of your soul".

Are you ready to start standing up for your life, by shifting from living your life externally to living from your internal world,and following your purpose with excitement and passion.

The following tips will help you to feel energised and vital while making the transition to a life of purpose and meaning:

1. Always remember that "The journey of 1000 miles begins with just one step".

2.Identify your dreams, goals and desires and where you are now in relation to those. 

3. Decide on a plan, break it down into small manageable steps! 

4. Take the first step, without action there will not be change!

5. Find the necessary support to ensure that you jump those hurdles along the way! Find yourself a good coach or someone that you can trust to challenge you for your own growth and development.

6. Be prepared to flex and bend along the way to your desired outcome.

7. Understand that life is an infinite journey of challenges, opportunities and growth.

8 Live your life to the fullest NOW (no other way) and enjoy the journey to the unleashing of your full passion, power and potential. 

Therese Mc Auliffe- Lighting The Way.


Soft and Strong Heart